Meal Plans

At 4CTIVE NUTRITION we understand how busy life can be. It’s hard to balance all the things we need to do and often we don’t fuel our bodies’ enough or correctly. This means that we’re either trying to workout on “empty” or just eat the wrong things because we’re hungry and short of time.

That’s why we came up with our meal plan. These meals are carefully balanced to ensure you get what you need, incredibly tasty (no-one wants to eat boring food) and very convenient to order and pick up.

We’ve split everything we do into green, amber and red sections:

  • Green – super healthy

  • Amber – balanced

  • Red – still healthy

We’ve created our own favourites for you to choose and given you the option of picking your own ingredients to suit your taste.

All meals are prepared fresh in our kitchen and available for “click and collect” at your convenience.

Fresh, healthy and convenient!

   Ready Made Meals

   Meal Configurator

   Want to configure your own meals?

Our nutritionists at 4CTIVE NUTRITION know that the secret to eating healthily is that the food you choose should be tasty, varied and made with fresh and quality ingredients. It also needs to be simple to do so we all spend more time on the things we enjoy.

This section allows you to configure your own meals to suit your taste. We will then make them just as you want for you to pick up when it’s convenient for you. Tasty, healthy and convenient!